PSU section question.


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Hello,, i was looking around to know my computer electric comsumption.

And with the corsair RM750i i have, there is a special section for that with HWINFO64 ( really great software btw, love it )

So i was wondering, do the PSU power or PSU power (sum) display the totaly power used by my computer ? ( minus the screen ofc ) or do i read / understand that all wrong ?
Because the value kinda look low compare to what i've could read about PC power consumption.

thanks :)


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Yes, that PSU power value should show total power consumed by the machine.


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Oh damn my PC power consumption is very low then, compare to the estimations i can read over internet oO that's strange.
While gaming i saw max a bit less than 200w, while the estimation are more like around 300+ :eek:

thanks for the answer :) And thanks for that very nice software !