q-key not working while HWiNFO64 sensors active [SOLVED]


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EDIT: Never mind. Found the cause. OSD hotkey was enabled and set to Q. Disabled and everything is fine.

This is the weirdest bug. But I can now reliably reproduce it.

This happens when HWiNFO64 (portable) is started in sensors only mode, or when opening the sensors window after starting the full program.

From that moment the 'q' key on my keyboard is no longer working.

When the sensors window is closed (when the full program is running), or the sensor only version is closed, then the 'q' key is back again.

Even stranger:
(tested in Notepad)
With Caps lock off:
  • typing 'q' = nothing;
  • typing shift+q = 'Q'
With Caps lock on:
  • typing 'q' = nothing;
  • typing shift+q = 'q'
So there is a (clumsy) workaround to type small q and capital Q :)

Maybe helpfull info:
Windows 10 with auto update
Logitech G510 keyboard with Logitech Gaming Software 8.94.104
upgraded HWiNFO to v5.82 - Released on: Apr-12-2018 with same results.

No other keys seems infected.