Quick question DIMM temps


Hi Guys, 

I have an ASUS Maximus XI Apex motherboard.  I also have the special Double Capacity RAM that is 64gb in 2 DIMM slots.  I thought I might mention it to you. Whatever you need I am willing to pitch in but are not sure what you need to look into it. It looks like it reads DIMM Temps once, gets a value then stops with the updates.  HWinfo counts 4 DIMMs on the system but in reality the APEX only has 2 DIMM's slots. Each DIMM slot has the new Double Capacity memory with 2 Rows of Samsung BiDi memory chips.

Everything seems to be working great and it's also working well with my monitor.  The monitor is telling me that the Dimm's aren't updating.   It's no biggie but it would be cool to know of my gSkill Trident RGB DC ram isn't burning up since it is a new technology.  

Thanks and let me know if there is anyway I can help?

PS I did read the 3 posts on this issue but only one was recent.
Are you running any other monitoring tool along with HWiNFO? Also in case you have any RGB-controlling software running, that might cause collisions with monitoring tools like HWiNFO, which would have a similar effect. So first if you have any such tools active, try to close them and see if that will help.
If not, post the HWiNFO Debug File for a deeper analysis of the problem.