Random sutter on asus rog strix g15 2022 (hw results I don’t know how to read)


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Hi I have a asus rog strix g15/G513RW it has a 3070ti and ryzen9 6900hx cpu. I have experienced a stutter at random times.

so first when it happens my audio sounds like it’s under water with a robot filter and slowed down and my mouse goes choppy like if it’s reporting 3fps. The stutter only last 2-3 seconds and can happen at any point during use. It happens 1-2 times a day. The task manager pretends like it never happend. The only times It happens is on the desktop, on google, and especially on Netflix also when dragging a program on your screen. Also I can’t reproduce it he stutter no matter how hard I push the Gpu

Small thing, the stutter rarely happens in games and never happens in deamding games like cyberpunk.

Also like to add to have factory rest and I later did it again bringing it down to windows 10. I dont know if it’s a hardware problem or something called ftpm stutter, amd and asus is responsible and nothing if broken if this is the case

My results came from another poster that said they had the same issue as me or at least externally similar https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/threads/stuttering-problem.8469/


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