Reading Vcore on Asus Z97m-plus.


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Hello, I am checking the voltage values on HWinfo but there is three values that are too high and I dont understand.

I understand the 'Core #0 VID' are the actual voltage on each core at this moment, but, when I scroll down I found these values that I dont understand, and I worried a little, the Vcore3, Vcore2, Vcore1 and Vcore0, the Vcore0 actually match with the Core #0 VID, but the other three dont match with the other cores, and show that very high voltage. What means that?

Also, what are the Temp2, Temp3, Temp4 and Temp5 values, the 3 to 5 show a very high value.

Thank you.
The Vcore values shown on the screenshot are not original labels as shown by HWiNFO. Have you perhaps renamed those labels?
AFAIK this board is not capable of monitoring Vcore values, only VID can be read.
As for the other temperatures, they are most probably invalid values from sensors not connected.
Thank you for the reply, I didnt renamed any label, just run HWinfo at default values, actually I just downloaded the latest version portable and run on other directory, no settings or anything changed and show the same labels and values.
Please try to completely reset preferences right after launching HWiNFO (before opening sensors) and then start it again. It should not be showing the Vcore values.
I did and it still showing same labels and values, I even delete the HWiNFO64.INI file, and start HWiNFO without it, so its start on default settings, and its the same.
Thanks for the feedback. I found a bug in HWiNFO causing this false reporting, it shall be fixed in the next (Beta) build.
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