recommendations re thermal sensor placement, asus x570 gaming e motherboard


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Hi, Asus x570 gaming e mobo comes with a thermal sensor - does anyone have any advice on where to put the sensor?
I'm thinking monitoring the VRMs would be useful - where on the mobo should I put the sensor to best measure those?
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Dont already the board monitor VRM temp?
What readings are you seeing in HWiNFO sensors only mode?
Like this:


What CPU you have?
If your board does not monitor VRM temp then you will have to find the hottest spot by your self. Usually its on the side of CPU socket towards back panel, and under the VRM heatsink, maybe in the middle... can’t really tell.
It depends on what CPU you have, how many phases the board has for CPU power feed, and how many are active at any given point.
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As far as I can tell, there are no sensors for VRM temps on this motherboard (I can give you a link discussing this, there's no VRM temp readings in HWiNFO for this board), though the board does come with a thermal sensor which could be placed to monitor these (now wish I'd considerd that before completing the build).

I'm using a 3950x, which is very nice.

I picked up a thermal sensor for the cooling loop and I'm now thinking I'll just monitor that for a while - not really keen on removing the motherboard to get under the VRM heatsink at present.

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Yeah, I did a little research and turns out that ASUS has blocked VRM temp on this X570-E and a couple of other X570 as well, because they couldnt make the algorithm work properly to report an accurate reading. That is a shame for a ROG strix board that cost a good amount of money...
Anyway, in order to place that sensor properly you will have to remove the VRM heatsink and stick it under it upon a mosfet.

Still the VRM configuration on this board is quiet strong and easily can handle the 3950X. And if you do have some air flow around heatsink then there is nothing really to worry about. The 3950X is a 140A CPU and by this current these VRMs bearly need cooling. Only above 200A there should be a serious consideration for cooling.
If you are using HWiNFO sensors only mode the Current(amps) of the CPU is the EDC value.