red screen

I haven't got such problem reported yet. It's hard to say exactly, because there's no proof of HWiNFO causing such problem.
Moreover, HWiNFO uses nVidia's standard API functions to retrieve most information, so I'd rather say such problem might be more likely the nVidia drivers.
yea first time for me also
Iv been little bit shocked when it comes yesterday ...
well if it happen again I will uninstall HWINFO and will see what hapen then
Okay, let me know if this might be related to HWiNFO.
In either case, maybe updating the video drivers could fix this.
I laways use newest official relase from Nvidia page.
I will let you know
p.s. I'v got GTX 670 from Gigabyte, i5 3570k, ASUS p8z77 pro + 2x4GB Kingstone Blue