Remote center using high cpu when no network connection


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Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone has reported this before

If i have computers added into my remote center for monitoring, but i disconnect all my network adaptors or i go offline on my laptop, hwinfo64 pegs 1 cpu core at 100% utilization for each connected computer. I have 3 computers added for monitoring and hwinfo64 pegs my 4c/8t 4790k (3x 12%) ~36% cpu (see screenshot)
you can see the cpu usage plateaus when i disable my nic, and enable back, then disable again.

The cpu usage drops back to normal the moment i either:
remove all remote computers from monitoring or connect any network adaptor (wifi/ethernet)

is this intentional? why is it such that hwinfo64 need 1 cpu core to check each 1 of my remote connected computers?
happens on 6.22, 6.26, and on my windows 7 and windows 10 machines.

thanks for reading.


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