Remote Machine doesn't show up in SharedMemoryViewer


Hello everyone,

after i got an info in my HWINFO Monitor Thread ( i started playing around with Rainmeter. I started editing a basic Performance tool for my needs and enabling the readout of HWInfo Data, which works fine.

Anyway, also with Rainmeter I'm not able to include values from my remote machine. It doesn't show up in the SharedMemoryViewer as it should (if i got it right). Does somebody see the mistake i did? Here is a picture of the setup:

Thanks in advance and best Regards,
I see you're using HWiNFO v5.02. Please upgrade to the latest version available (even the Beta).
Hello Martin,

thank you, the version was causing this issue, problem is solved. I should have checked/seen this by myself :s
Hello again,

the connection to two remote PC's is working fine and I#m starting to really like rainmeter and it's posibilities.

But I have another short question: When i start rainmeter and the remote PC is off, it shows clean values, everything is 0. If I shutdown a Remote PC, the interface shows the last measured values. Is there a possibility that the values reset to 0 if the remote pc is offline, e.g. by using a ping command to check the online status? It's more an optical "issue", not really a problem.

Thanks in advance!
I'll try to fix this in the next build of HWiNFO, but it will also need to be tested if such a situation is properly handled by the Rainmeter plugin.