Remote monitoring not showing up after connection?


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I just downloaded this to try monitoring my gaming PC. Both computers are windows 10 with the gaming PC in the server role. (does it matter that my 2nd computer is a Surface Pro?), free version of HWiNFO64 (tried 7.26 and the beta 7.27). I enabled shared memory support on both computers (actually on the server it always seems to be on by default). The connection is successful and the app seems to refresh as if it's trying to show the remote data, but it's still the crappy Surface Pro stats that are displayed. Anything else I need to do?

From your description I don't understand what's happening exactly. Can you please provide more details how it appears on the side of Surface Pro?
Sorry, obviously HWiNFO64 loads up initially with the Surface Pro's stats. After a successful remote connection to the main PC's HWiNFO64 (says connected and shows the correct version #), I can see the stats/sensor data in the background (behind the remote center window) disappear momentarily as if it's refreshing. But after closing the remote center window, nothing has changed the stats that are shown are still for the Surface Pro. This is loading both versions of HWiNFO64 with sensor-only.
So after closing the Remote Center window you no longer see the remote sensors on the Surface machine? If you close and open HWiNFO on the Surface what does it show then?
Maybe I'm confused about the direction or something... I'm trying to monitor my main/gaming pc's sensors remotely on the surface pro (while gaming). I open HWiNFO on the gaming computer and check the "server role" box. Then I open HWiNFO on the surface pro and connect to the gaming pc. Even though it shows a successful connection HWiNFO on each machine show their original sensors. Neither show the "remote" sensors of the other computer.

Closing and reopening HWiNFO has no effect, it still shows it's own sensors. If it matters I only choose the "private networks" option when windows fire wall pops up after checking the server role box.
The surface machine should be showing its own values and values of the other machine as well.
Perhaps the firewall is blocking the traffic? You might try to disable it just to check if that's the cause.
Ohhh, I see...I didn't realize they were just added to the bottom of the list... and I thought I my gaming computer was named better than the default "Desktop-T72DHUS7", since that name took up the entirety of the default sensor-column width I couldn't see the better hardware listed after it.