Renaming Sensor OSD label name


hey guys.. i have a lot of things showing up on my osd (all i need lol)

is there anyway to rename the label without renaming the layout name?

Thanks :D
You can rename the label, so I'm not sure what exactly do you mean. Please explain more precisely.
well when we select "show label in OSD" the name shown is the sensor name. activating each name will take up a lot of space..

i need some thing like category name..

its like this i put all my data in a order,
first line date and time from MSI
second line (which is selected as first in HWiNFO) is how much RAM is used in MB, and its percentage
third line the processor core clocks

and so on.... (see image please )

this is what i need, but i have to rename the layout to achive this ( ) in this pic you can see i have highlighted RAM, where the same name is shown on the second line on the OSD. the original name was Physical Memory Used.

i was asking is there anyway to rename the label in OSD without renaming the layout name.

(sorry if this is confusing)

I'm sorry, this is not possible. There's only one name used for both - the HWiNFO sensors window and the OSD.