[Request] Add maximum memory channels info


I often stumble on this when I somebody asks me to check his notebook - I can check how many memory channels are currently used but for some reason no hardware inventory tool displays how many channels can be used.

This would be really helpful, because often it's the first thing people can do to make their PC faster - Intel's integrated GPU can get a boost of 25% just by adding a second memory module.
I don't think there's a universal method to determine this feature. Some CPUs/controllers might be fused for custom settings, which might not be possible to properly detect.
For later Intel CPUs you might check in the main window under the CPU node the SKU features, which might include such settings. But availability of this varies on the CPU family.
Maybe there's a vendor specific way to do it. I've just checked and AIDA reports it under "North bridge" properties on Intel platforms (don't have currently any way to test it with AMD). Or maybe it would work with a hardcoded list of north bridge - "available channel" pairs?

BTW, on my X79 ASUS Rampage IV Formula HWINFO reports 6 channels - either it's wrong or reports not what I think it reports (Sandy Bridge E is Quad Channel) - screenshot attached.


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Those 6 reported channels is a bug in HWiNFO, it shall be fixed in the next build.
I will check how to report the capability for at least some most common systems...