[Request] Longer Temperature-Fan Lookup Table?

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I like to keep the lowest fan setting (1) just below audible, and the highest fan setting (6) at maximum. The problem is that, with 6 points, there are only 5 steps from inaudible to very loud. It's very common that i find myself in a situation where the fan goes back and forth between two settings every second, and the jump is necessarily somewhat large and therefore distracting. 

So I guess my question is this: Would you kindly consider adding more points to this table? That would allow us to make smoother transitions between levels. Of course, this wouldn't inconvenience anyone who doesn't want it because you don't have to use the entire table.

I think Ideally we would have a smooth function linking temperature to fan speed like they have in speedfan, but I'm not going to ask you to reinvent the wheel here. I'm not an expert on coding, but I hope that adding points would be relatively easy.