"Respin period," "Spin-down after," "Use System Auto Control Method 1/2," and Target Fan Speed "RPM"

We have HWiNFO64 working superbly with no real trouble at all, and it really saved us from a Dell platform which both lacks BIOS control, and refused to run any other fan control wares. Excellent job, and huge thanks.

I'm guessing about the meanings of several important terms or settings however, and about some behaviors as well, and wonder if someone can straighten me out without too much trouble:

In HWiNFO64's Fan Control Panel (from which we can designate an Auto Control configuration):

1. What is "Respin period" (default set to 5000 ms)?

2. What is "Spin-down after" (default set to 5 seconds)?

3. What are "Use System Auto Control Method 1" and method 2 checkboxes?

As indicated in the posted image, I'm not using any of these settings; but I am suffering CPU temperature spikes that I believe might be abated perhaps by some technique such as more attentive monitoring, or potential triggering by every core temperature.

4. Why don't the Fan1, Fan2, and Fan3 Min, un-labeled Mid, and Max sliders indicate *actual* fan rotation speeds as reported in the "Other (Docking)" rows listed under my computer in the HWiNFO64 v6.10-3880 Sensor Status window?

In the "Custom Auto" fan configurator, the slider-indicated values appear to be wrongly portrayed as "RPM" values. What is the meaning and significance of the values indicated in the slider windows and used as RPM input values in the Custom Auto configuator?

5. Inasmuch as my Noctua CPU and case fans are PWM (and seemingly, can be throttled to a broad array of RPMs), why does HWiNFO64 somehow settle on just 3 fan rotation numbers for the minimum, mid, and maximum rates of fan rotation we can assign to temperature sensor readings in the Auto Control configurations we can designate for each fan?

Though we're working well, I'd like to understand what's going on here.

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These questions have been discussed and responded a few times on this forum, so again:
1. "Respin period" - This is useful for systems where fan speed set by HWiNFO is not retained because the system takes over and overrides speed set by HWiNFO. If set, HWiNFO will periodically check if the actual fan speed is the expected value and if not, it will set it again.
2. "Spin-down after" is the hysteresis applied when temperature falls below a threshold set. Useful to avoid cycling the fan up/down during short temperature spikes. If used, HWiNFO will wait this interval before setting the fan to lower level.
3. "Use System Auto Control Method 1/2". This option is for DELL systems only. HWiNFO is aware of 2 methods that can be used to disable/restore system automatic fan speed, but it doesn't know on which system which method shall be used. So the user has to check which of those (if any) works for him.
5. 3 fan levels is a limitation of the DELL method.
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