RTSS FPS not available


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The RTSS FPS counter doesn't show on the overlay if HWiNFO64 starts before Rivatuner does.
This is an issue because I've got both programs set to run on system boot, and HWiNFO64 starts slightly faster.

Restarting HWiNFO64 after Rivatuner has booted fixes it, but it's still quite annoying having to do that every time.
You can delay loading of HWiNFO by going to Windows Task Scheduler, locate the HWiNFO task, in "Triggers" click "Edit.." and change "Delay task for:" to more than 5 seconds.
This is exactly what I've done as a solution too, was mainly wondering if what I was experiencing was an oversight or a bug.

Thanks for the response
I wouldn't say it's a bug, as it's not possible to know how exactly in which order applications are started on a particular machine.
I could raise the startup HWiNFO delay by default, but this might cause that on other machines HWiNFO would be started too late.