DJ Tucker

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I currently have my cpu cores to show in rtss using hwinfo. However, I have hyperthreading enabled and core and the hyperthread label of that core show up then usage values after. is it possible to find a way to allow you to have say core 1 (line 9 column 1) then usage value (line 9 column 2) then hyperthread of that core label (line 9 column 3) followed by usage value of that hyperthread (line 9 column 4)?
You should be able set up any order of items using available options as long as all required values show up in the sensors window.
the values so up just not in the order I want. if I set core 1 to line 1 column 1 and hyperthread to line 1 column 2 it shows both labels followed by the values not the way I want. I want label value label value instead of label label value value
I know, but there are so many users and each of them prefers something else. Not easy to fulfill all possible requests.

What about "label, value, value, value, ..." ?
This is currently possible to set up.
i was really hoping for label value label. if it can't be done its not to worry. just a suggestion to see if it could be done. still love the program regardless :)