Run identical HWiNFO64 GUIs on 2 Windows 10 Desktops simultaneously?


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The executables and files are in Program Files > HWiNFO64 folder. Can either of the following work without problems. 1/ Copy the HWiNFO64 folder to Users > kodono > AppData > Local > Programs. -OR- 2/ Do a fresh extract to Users > kodono > AppData > Local > Programs > HWiNFO64 folder. On the second Desktop, I would like to execute the other shortcut, located in a separate folder in the Start Menu or elsewhere. Both HWiNFO64 GUIs would always be identical. The reason I just don't try it and see what happens, is because now finally, the custom culled v640 GUI that is on the desktop, is 99.5% stable! (Others, self checks ON and adds unnecessary items.)
The PC has Intel i9-9900KS CPU, GIGABYTE Z390 M GAMING mobo; ASUS DUAL-GTX1070-O8G Graphics.