running hwinfo32 on old systems

Hello, i read your post over at vogons inviting retro users to use and report bugs for hwinfo, and there i read that the minimum requirements is windows 95

but i tried it on a pentium win98se and i got a driver error. i dont have any antivirus programs running so what am i doing wrong?

hmmm now that i think of it.. i tried to use the portable version and not the installer thinking that it would be better. perhaps thats why im getting this message?
That should not make difference. Can you please enable Debug Mode and attach the HWiNFO32.DBG file it created? Do you see a HWiNFO32.VXD file created in the current folder?
ahhhh... i opened the dbg file with notepad and saw that its pointing to a folder with non english characters... so I moved the folder on the root c drive and it launched.. It showed me the processor and the graphic card... and program was "alive" but it disabled my mouse and keyboard which are ps/2 type. Im not sure why that happened. I tried it twice with the same results so I had to force shut it down by using the power button.
You might try to disable some options like "EC Support", "SMBus Support", or put "LPC1=0" and "LPC2=0" at the end of HWiNFO32.INI file to see if some of those will help
I Tried all those settings and it still just freezes... Im attaching a debug file.. however I was able to connect via VNC remote connection and the remote mouse was not effected.


  • HWiNFO32.DBG
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I'm afraid such issues is very difficult to diagnose remotely.
Was the above Debug File created when you disabled the options I mentioned? I'm asking because according to the the "LPC1=0" and "LPC2=0" didn't seem to be used.