RXMDocklet for ObjectDock and compatible


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RXMDocklet will amalgamate sensor readings from multiple monitoring apps - including HWiNFO, of course  :cool: - and display these on any Object Dock -compatible dock.


All of the details (including a download link) are on the GitHub repo page for this open source project:

GitHub repo for RXMDocklet

But briefly, you are able to configure 1-4 "pages" containing 1-8 sensor readings each, all of which can be from any of the supported sensor apps, and be rendered in any (including custom) color.

Supported monitoring apps
MSI Afterburner
CPUID HWMonitor (only versions 1.14-1.16)

(Note that the [32 or 64] "bit-ness" of the monitoring app doesn't matter to RXMDocklet, use whatever you prefer and works on your system.)

So, fire up your favorite monitoring apps - as long as you include HWiNFO, of course - and grab the pre-built DLL from the "release(s)" area of the GitHub repo, and start squinting at the tiny font (mostly kidding). :)