Ryzen 3700X Core Voltage High (SVI TFN) and higher than VID


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Motherboard Asus Prime X570 Pro

I see that my Core voltage SVI TFN (Max 1.538) exceeds what I have read as maximum safe operating voltage for the core.
I also see that Core VID Max is 1.5 and never higher.
I am not overclocking or running PBO by default or other such enhancements.
Yet my Core voltage SVI TFN is at 1.037 average with nothing but Firefox open.
Would it be correct to assume the high SVI TFN core V (1.538) at max. is a problem?
Why would Core VID never exceed 1.500 when the max Core voltage SVI TFN reaches1.538?


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Its all normal.
VIDs are core voltage requests by individual cores. The VID effective under the SVI2 TFN is the final request by CPU and Core voltage SVI2 TFN is what actually gets.

This is me...


ZEN2 CPUs when are on very light load like browsing, with low current(A), they boost to highest with max votage. Even 1.5+V for very short time and rapidly like bursts. If there is a sustain load, even single threaded the drop to 1.4+V. When load increase more, they drop frequency and voltage further up to 100% load where they drop to minimum "sustained" frequency and voltage depending on the quality of CPU, the temp and current(A). Even then frequency and voltage are not fully sustained but fluctuate (a few hundred times/sec) and no software can catch this.
If CPU is on auto, dont be afraid. It knows what its doing. Even if you have PBO enabled.

Even if your board is sending false feedback to CPU about its power consumption (lower than true) to push it more, it can't hurt it, if the CPU settings are Auto, like you have.