Ryzen 7 4800H Thermal Throttle (HTC) and Thermal Throttle (PROCHOT EXT)


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I recently purchased Lenovo Legion 5 and decided to replace stock paste with thermal grizzly conductonaut (liquid metal). While repasting I did use electrical tape, and I also used copper shims 15x15x0.5 mm (don't know if that can be a reason or helpful, I'm just trying to give the best description possible). The laptop wasn't too hot prior to repaste (and I'm not sure if the problem below was present before the repaste), but now temps are even better. I'll attach an image below, but my temps are not anywhere near 100c (both cpu and gpu average temps are 67c while gaming) however, HWInfo is reporting thermal throttle (htc) and thermal throttle (prochot ext) on maximum columns. I'm running the latest bios and the latest drivers. If anyone can offer a reason and/or solution I'd much appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!

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It's possible that this throttling event is not triggered by the CPU, but some other external component in the system. Might be something enforcing reduced skin temperature, but it really depends on the system design.