Ryzen 9 5900X Highter Voltage than 1.5


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Hello guys,

I am really worried about my Cpu voltages.

At idle it peaks at 1.55 maximum voltage (not at these screens, but i have seen this).

Is this normal? i know that Robert from AMD, has said that the safe voltage is up to 1.5.

5900X / ASUS X570 Dark Hero with latest bios / Windows 11 with latest updates and chipset drivers installed / All stock expect the XMP profile.


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I think this is quite normal. The CPU has internal limits that wouldn't allow applying dangerous voltage levels.
One can circumvent some of those limits by changing PBO Scalar that can reduce reliability, but it should still prevent from reaching dangerous levels.
if actual supplied voltage is over 1.5v degradation happens instantly? im seeing high vids of 1.544 and SVI2 TFN of 1.52v on stock. this seems very dangerous to me.