Ryzen 9 7950x temperature variation between cores at same voltage/freq/workload.


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I post this here because hwinfo is the only software out there that shows us these numbers allowing us to troubleshoot possible issues with our chips.

Do we have any ryzen 9 7950x owners around here that can comment on various cores within the same ccd in a ryzen 9 7950x cpu having temperatures as far from each other as 30C?

Specifically on my ccd0 there is core 7 that is just ridiculous. At stock settings if I do a single thread y-Cruncher workload (5mln pi digits, that's only 70s, not enough time to heat up the coldplate in my cpu block) this one core immediately jumps to 83C (at about 5550Mhz). Every other core in this ccd runs at ~55C for the same test. BTW I have a 360 AIO that uses the correct amount of paste and is mounted correctly. While I'm running that test all unused cores are idling about 2C above my water temperature, ~34C.

So that is ccd0.

In my ccd1 most cores run the same test at about 60C, but one (core 14) runs it at 78. That is on the edge of what I'd consider acceptable, but maybe I don't know this type of cpus. Can someone enlighten me please?

I think about these per core temperatures more like a hotspot temperature in let's say a nvidia gpu. IMO Around ~10C is normal with good watercooling. 15C is still acceptable with a good air cooler. But over 20C and particularly 30C to me this suggests something is horribly wrong.

Also, because that one core gets so hot so quickly at all core workloads my cpu never reaches even its rated tdp of 170W, because it gets thermally throttled at around 155W... You can imagine what result this has on performance.

Please don't suggest any "have you tried reseating your cpu" things in this thread. I'm posting it to find anyone else with a ryzen 9 7950x that uses hwinfo and can check their core temp variation while running let's say Cinebench r23, or y-Cruncher multi core workload, not to get further troubleshooting info. I'll be returothis CPU and I'm trying to decide if I stay with AMD or move to Intel on the basis of if this is so that just happens frequently of not with these 8*x core zen4 cpus.