Ryzen Pc random restart/turn offs


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Hello, I built a new PC and it is randomly turns of or restart. I tried remove everything only leaving the CPU,GPU, Fans in MB but still doing it. Monitored with HWINFO and could someone help with the CSV file?
Thank you!


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Well, there's not enough information to be able to help you.
  1. What are the hardware and software specifications of your system?
  2. Under what conditions does the issue occur? Gaming? Watching videos? Idle? Something else?
  3. How exactly does the issue manifest itself? Please describe in more detail what happens. Do you get a blue screen?
  4. How long does it take for the issue to occur?

Another suggestion: Consider switching HWiNFO to English language so that sensor names are in English, making it easier for anyone not understanding Hungarian to diagnose the log. Speaking of the log: Take a look at Generic Log Viewer to present HWiNFO's sensor logs as graphs.

I took a quick look at your log and there's nothing that stood out to me.

Ahh sorry
My specs are:
Gigabyte B450 Gaming x
Amd Ryzen 7 5800x
Corsair AX860i Platinum (Keep out FX700 700W was the first but changed because i thought it is the PSU problem)
ID-Cooling SE-224-XT
ASROCK Radeon RX 6600 XT
G.SKILL 16GB Aegis 3200Mhz
Kingston 500GB M2
WD Blue 2TB
2. Under every condition, after boot in the 5min, gaming, idle, watching videos
3. Idk just random, I started to use AIDA64 to see under pressure, sometimes did every test sometimes restarted or turned off. No Blue screen only restart or turn off, there is an option which i enabled to stop to the restart and give the error message but nothing still restarts.
4. Sometimes after boot in the first 5min to an hour or more
To me the whole thing sounds like a hardware issue. Considering you already swapped the PSU, that leaves mainboard, GPU and drives - and technically also CPU, but that's unlikely the culprit.

I'd start checking all cables, unplug and replug everything, including the case front panel headers, you know the tiny cables connecting the power button and reset button etc. Also make sure that the mainboard is seated correctly, i.e. nothing is shorted at the back due to a standoff or something. And check in Windows Event Viewer if the event log contains relevant warnings, apart from the usual "Windows wasn't shut down properly".

I also did that unplug almost every cable leaving only the CPU fan starting with the PC with a screwdriver and the Event Viewer only responds are that of 'Wasn' t shut down properly'.
Well, in that case I guess you need to start swapping parts, maybe start with the GPU. If you don't want to buy one, find someone you can lend you one, e.g. a friend or some computer repair shop in your area.

Do you run the RAM on Jedec or XMP/DOCP profile?
Try and run the system with only 1 RAM stick for a while maybe.
I assume that you have 2x8GB since you have not clarify it.