S.M.A.R.T for hard drive shows ridiculous numbers for Dell inspiron 3511


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As can be seen from the screen shot S.M.A.R.T is showing very huge numbers of read and write on the laptop. Usage of the laptop is pretty casual as no heavy games or processes can be run on it, so it seems really strange to see such huge numbers.


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Yes. Those values are on a vendor-defined scale which is unknown to us. It might in fact not be GBytes but KBytes or even Bytes in this case.. We don't know...
It might be sectors. Multiply the raw value with 512 and then divide by 1024^3 which results in GiB.

Calculating the Total Host Writes this way: 128CADE6C (hex) = 4,979,351,148 (dec) multiplied with 512 (bytes) and divided by 1024^3 gives 2374 GiB, roughly 2.5 TiB. And for the Total Host Reads: 1C66B8F6D (hex) = 7,623,905,133 (dec) which results in 3635 GiB. Both sound reasonable to me. But this might be wrong because these values could represent something else entirely.

It's interesting to see that WD drives can also have SMART attributes F1 and F2. Never seen these on my WD drives, though I don't have WD mobile drives.

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