SAO Utils plug-in supports HWiNFO now!


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Sensor Data Extension 1.1.2 plug-in for SAO Utils is released!

We have just added a data source support for HWiNFO in this version,
please download it via links below and give it a try :)


 What is SAO Utils ?



SAO Utils is an application launcher with some desktop widgets.
Users can pick up some data and customize the widgets to display them.


 What does Sensor Data Extension plug-in do ?



The Sensor Data Extension expand the data source library of SAO Utils,
you can pick up varieties of data from more other applications such as HWiNFO to customize your widgets with this plug-in now.


 How can I get them ?


SAO Utils is completely free,
you can find more details and download the latest SAO Utils and the Sensor Data Extension plug-in here:

The SAO Utilities Project – Development Log

The plug-in SDK for SAO Utils is available on the Github:

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