Sata Interface speed supported Gen 3 6.0 Gbps but Current interface speed Gen 2 3.0 Gbps


Hi all,

I have already read nutellaasmr's similar query and the relative answer but have not found this is my problem.
I have just bought an mSata Kingston KC600 SATA 3 and added to my Lenovo Thinkpad L530 that has an mSATA3 slot.
HWiNFO says that the supported interface speed of the Intel Panther Point-M PCH - SATA AHCI Controller [C1] in my motherboard is 6.0 Gbps (Gen 3).
But HWiNFO also says that the Current interface speed of Port 2, where I have installed the mSata Kingston KC600 SATA 3, is Gen 2 3.0 Gbps.
The Port 0, where there is a Seagate ST2000LM003 shows that the current interface speed is Gen 3 6.0 Gbps.
The mSATA Kingston KC600 SATA 3 specs claim it is a mSATA3 which means the speed is 600 Mbps and all tests I have found in the web confirm this.
But CrystalDiskMask confirms the HWiNFO Current interface speed: it is a bit slower than 300 Mbps both read and write and CrystalDiskInfo says the current transfer mode is 300 Mbps while the supported one is 600 Mbps.
The problem is not caused by a BIOS setting or drivers not updated - the BIOS is updated, the Intel SATA Controller AHCI Driver for Windows 10 is installed and AHCI is enabled.
My question is whether there it is a problem with the SATA Port 2 or with the new mSATA Kingston KC600 SATA 3 I have just bought: does the info from HWiNFO give a clear diagnosis of the issue?

You can have a look at the screenshots down here.

Any help is appreciated, have a nice day!!


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The drive should be 6 Gbps capable but the negotiated speed is only 3 Gbps. That can have various reasons - BIOS or driver enforced limitation or inability to establish 6 Gbps communication due to electrical interface limitations (signal noise, connector issues). I'd recommend to check the connector and contact the notebook manufacturer.
Thanks, Martin. I deduct you are excluding the mSata Kingston SSD is malfunctioning, right?
Anyway, the BIOS and the drivers are updated and I have set the BIOS in the appropriated way.
The drive should be OK, it reports 6 Gbps as supported speed. Problem is in the negotiation of current speed which is done during boot by either the BIOS or drivers.
Hi all,
I have posted the same question on the Lenovo community forum (I have tried to contact the notebook manufacturer - as Martin suggested - but without any success) and one of the community member has answered me:
Both the mSATA and Ultrabay slots on this generation of ThinkPad have SATA-II interfaces. This is a hardware limitation. (The main drive bay is SATA-III.)
It is hard to accept this, as the Thinkpad L530 specs include 'mSata3', but all evidences point at a problem in the notebook.
Hope this post may be useful to someone else.