Seagate 8TB SMR Drive Lifetime Read/Write Error


Plugged in my backup drive and looked at it on HWInfo and it's giving me impossibly large values for the Total Host Writes and Reads:
Attached Debug log.
I'm guessing it's something miscalculating from the SMART Total LBA's Read/Written? From smartmontools:


This is a matter of interpretation of non-standard data. What does CrystalDiskInfo show?
That means it doesn't know how to interpret the raw numbers.
Is there are reference tool that would show the correct total reads/writes in MBytes/GBytes or TBytes ?
I see the issue now, as doing a fair amount of research shows that the raw value likely isn't a 'value' so much as some form of encoded state (as Seagate tends to do). As I was unable to find any reliable method to identify how this could be converted to a byte count, this bug report can be closed.