Selection does not cleared when customizing value


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The first item selected (in sensors window) to customized value remain selected when a new one is selected for customize vales, trey settings and other settings in that menu.
Hi, I also have this problem cant even set alarms cause one reset the other and so on. Went back to 6.20 all is good again. Hope dev sees this.
Sorry, but I don't understand how to reproduce this and what's actually the problem.
Can you please provide more precise details?
ok so if i right click on W_Pump and go to alarm settings i input all my alarm setting close it and then try doing the same on for example cpu tdie temp it will, delete the settings on W_pump to zero. realy strange.
Nevermind the Cmd pop up its because the launch program resets to default its suposed to be shutdown -s on my Pump and cpu Temp. And you can see wierd things going on with the Alarm menus.
Right clock a sensor and select customize value..., click ok or cancel, right click another sensor and select customize value..., now the new sensr and the one before will be selected.
Sometimes even more than two sensor get selected.
Thanks, now I can see what's the problem.
You have multiple lists, which act like independent controls. Moreover it's possible to select multiple items and perform actions on all of them at once.
Hence making a selection in one list doesn't clear selection in another one. So actually the problem is that selections in multiple lists are not properly visible.
No no no, it is you that have multiple lists :)
The way I see it there is only one list that is divided across tabs, I think most users will agree.
The customization window actually take values from all "lists" as it should IMO, but selection is invisible.
So the solution can be, either use items from visible selection only, or make one list and selection visible across all tabs/panes.
OK, that's a different point of view :)
Anyway, I will adjust this in the next build, so that only items from the currently active list (tab) will be included as pre-selected for customization.