Sensor Logging onto network drive


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first of all I really like your tool. Very helpful when tuning hardware.

I have a case where I would need to log sensor data onto a network drive. What I see is that I cannot select a network drive for the logfile. It only allows to select local drives.
i would be ready to get the paid version of the tool if it can be done there, but it’s not clear from the feature description whether this works with this version.
Any input is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
What exact problem do you have with selecting a network drive? I don't see an issue here.
Have also tried to enter the network path straight into the dialog?
Thanks for your quick reply.
Typing in a UNC path in the filename field actually works.
Mapped network drives do not show up in the dialogue though. Neither in the drop down nor on any button on the right side.
like this it’s workable for me. Thanks again.
Mapped network drives from Explorer, which doesn't run as administrator, won't show up in HWiNFO, which does run as administrator. Why? Because network drives are separate per user, or more specifically per (user) token. Running an application as administrator assigns a different token. The same happens when running an application as different user.

You can map a network drive directly in the "Save As" dialog by right-clicking on "My Computer" (or whatever that thing is called currently) and then selecting "Map Network Drive".

Ok this explains it. Thanks for your reply.
Bit of a confusing behavior, but I guess this is more like a behavior of Microsoft’s file system handling.