Sensor-Page not opening


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R5 3600-_-Strix X450F gaming-_-Viper 2x8GB 3200MHz DDR4
Since a few days I can't open the Sensor-Page after starting HWINFO64 and selecting "Sensors only" any more:(. Why is that and what can In do in that case:eek:???
Ok, maybe this is a little more informativ:D. At first, I'm opening HWiNFO64 from the Desktop. Then I choose "Sensors-only" and click Run. It seems like it would detect all the sensors, but after the little loading-window has disappeared, there is no new window. There is actually the icon of an "HWiNFO64-window" in the taskbar that shows up after the loading-window but there is no connected window. If I hover above the icon with my mouse it shows a small white window above it, but that's all. And the same happens if I try to open the sensors page from the summery-window.

Thank you in advance for your efforts
I hope this is more helpful;):D


The attached debug file doesn't show any issues. Does the HWiNFO icon in taskbar appear as ordinary application, or in the notification area? What happens if you double-click the icon?
I'm very sorry for my late response but I wasn't able to do this earlier.
At least I was able to identify and eliminate the error by myself. The Problem was a Windows registry entry of my graphic card that I've been messing with. So I fixed that table and now it's working again.