Sensor readings do not show up on Logitech LCD

George R.

I have installed latest version of Hwinfo64 as well as the latest version of Logitech Gaming Software. I configured sensors and picked several values to be displayed on the LCD screen of my G510 keyboard. I also enabled "run sensors on startup" and "minimize sensors on startup" options. It worked perfectly for a few days, but lately I encountered a small problem.
When I turn on my PC and Windows finishes loading background programs (including Logitech Gaming Software and Hwinfo sensors), Hwinfo64 doesn't show up on LCD applet menu. Hwinfo icon is shown in tray and program works fine when I open it from there, but there is no applet shown on LCD screen. I have to close sensors and run them from start menu in order to make them appear on LCD. Strangely, this doesn't always happen. Sometimes, when i turn on or restart computer, applet immediately appear on LCD screen, and sometimes I have to quit sensors and run them manually from start menu.
I suspect this happens because sometimes sensors load faster than Logitech Gaming Software during startup, and sometimes it's otherwise. Is there a way to force Hwinfo sensors to load AFTER Logitech Gaming Software in order to avoid this glitch?
Yes, I think the same - the issue happens when HWiNFO is loaded before Logitech software.
This should be easily fixed: go into Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler. Then locate the HWiNFO task and in the Triggers tab hit Edit and raise the "Delay task for:" setting.
Task delayed for 15 seconds after log in, and it seems the problem has been solved. I restarted computer several times and Hwinfo64 applet is shown on LCD every time.
Thank you.