Sensor request


Im currently using HWINFO combined with RTSS (afterburner) to monitor everything on my system, and works great, thanks for that.

Since formatting/multiple values on same line its still on development
But is there any chance a quick-workaround for CPU load sensor? Some kind of overall usage, i mean, if we have 4 cores, core1+core2+core3+core4/4, with 8 the same..., 4 lines for usage takes a little too much space, but overall would fix that temporally (at least for my likings).

Hello again, another request (this one may not be so trivial).

Any chance we get total RAM usage from OS into OSD? the one that taskmanager reports.

If its possible already, any chance you could explain me a little how to show it?.

Thanks again,
You mean the Virtual Memory commit charge?
I can implement that in a later build..
Thanks again,

Excuse me because i totally forgot about my request (skyrim has all my free time now :P). Will test tomorrow @ home with BF3.

From what i see @ the discussion topic, i was asking for the Physical memory implementation, but virtual memory one its also usefull to check things.