Sensor - voltage readings


I have a query re the voltages within a laptop. Now I use the program quite a bit for searching for component details and the Sensor settings for finding the voltages on desktop machines that I have queries about and find the readout very useful. 
However when it comes to voltages within a laptop HW can only give me the battery status which is quite restricting when dealing with power issues in laptops.
So is there a way of using HW for that very purpose or am I missing something??
Laptops usually don't feature circuits to measure voltages. There might be some very rare cases when they do, but in such case methods to read them are often proprietary and kept secret by the manufacturer.
The decision on the set of monitored parameters of the equipment and the points where their measurement (voltage, temperature, fan speed) scheme takes the developer based on the Terms of Reference on its design. If this document is not specified that these options should be available for the control of the user, they are not displayed.