Sensors not working. HWiNFO64 not completely running. Running v6.20-4030.


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The program ran fine for over at least 8 months in conjunction with my Aquasuite.
My Aquasuite was not displaying certain temps that I got from HWiNFO64 v6.14.

I updated my GPU driver (was planning on doing it anyway) and then uninstalled HWiNFO64 v6.14 and installed HWiNFO64 v6.20.
It should be noted that if I try to go back to v6.14 I stil have the same problems.

Immediately after install the program runs and goes to the "Run/Settings" window and the update window. Close update window.

Enter settings and reset preferences.
Check Auto Start and Debug Mode.
Disable Corsair Link and Asetek support. Click OK.

Click run in the "Run/Settings" window.

The Main Window and System Summary windows open. However, there is NO TASK running in the task bar (no icon). Task Manager does show it running.
Under Task Scheduler it was in a ready state that I had to force to run. Still there is NO TASK running in the task bar (no icon).

Now I select the "Sensors" button on the main window. The Spinning Circle of Waiting is running when mouse over program window. It will stay like this for an hour if you let it. Windows has to force the program to close.

I can reopen the program at this point to the "Run/Settings" window and the update window. Once again, the Main Window and System Summary windows open. I can access everything in the main window and the system summary window is active. However, as soon as I hit sensors, it stops working.

If I change the settings to have the sensor window display on startup, the main window opens but the system summary is greyed out and unpopulated. HWiNFO is non-responsive at this point.

There is no time where there is an actual TASK running in the task bar (no icon). Once I seen a greyed out box in the task bar, but not your regular icon.

I would appreciate any help with this. I really liked the program up to now, but I have been struggling with this for three days now and may need to look for a replacement. I need temp data for my Aquasuite.


Hello, I tried several times to get this to run. Only after I modified the settings and restarted the PC did it generate a debug file. Please see the attached file.


The problem seems to be with the Aquacomputer Quadro device, HWiNFO hangs when it attempts to read data from it.
Is that device working properly? Is there some application running that might be blocking access to it?
FYI I have a QUADRO and HWInfo64 reads data from it fine. Both 6.14 and 6.20 versions. Same with Aquaero, data from it is being read just fine since before 6.06 (all official versions).
@MooseTech try resetting your QUADRO - might help.
OK, Thank you for that info. That allowed me to figure out what happened.

Both my Vision and Quadro are external to my case and were originally plugged into the M/b USB 2.0 headers and had no problems. I recently rerouted my cables (to declutter) and connected them to a USB 3.0 HUB. Once I removed the Quadro and Vision from the USB 3.0 hub, HWINFO booted and showed sensors.
I reconnected the Vision and Quadro USB connectors to the USB 2.0 ports on the m/b output and rebooted and everything works. I just to need to re-link all my sensors now.

BTW - I also reconnected my Corsair k/b back to the m/b USB 2.0 connector as it was failing to start with the PC and reboot.

I guess certain peripherals like to be tied directly to "mother's" apron strings (i.e. direct I/O) in order to work. As these are all Start items, that makes sense.
This will be added to my future troubleshooting checklists.

Thanks for tour help.
If you need more USB headers, get the Hubby7 from Aquacomputer, I have one and it works very well.

My current solution of attaching them to the mobo I/O is working great.. Since these are exterior components it would make sense they attach directly to the mobo (via external 2.0 USB ports) than the USB 3.0 hub I had them attached to. Every reboot so far has started automatically and linked with my Aquasuite.
I have had this problem before with some keyboards when flashing a BIOS. I think it is because the USB 3.x hubs are delayed in starting, and a direct mobo connection is required.