Sensors: What fans are these?


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Under my motherboard (Asus Tuf Gaming X-570 Plus) with a Ryzen 5 3600 cooled by an Artic Freezer e34 Sports Duo (it has 2 fans) I see:

- Chassis1 (918 RPM)
- CPU (681 RPM)
- PCH (992 RPM)
- CPU_OPT (1,282 RPM)

What are these fans?

There are 2 case fans, a chipset fan (on the Mobo),
and the 2 fans of the cooler. I never plugged any fans into the CPU_OPT header.

(the chipset is at 57C, the CPU is at 28C

I searched around here and don't see any documentation that explains these terms.


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These fans should match the fan connector naming on your mainboard. Which fans does the BIOS report?