Several Misc Questions


Hi Martin,

LONG time no talk! I hope you are well !!!

I just built a new PC and am creating some custom software goodies for it, one of which is a Rainmeter skin (pic below). I'm making it configurable to support both the plugin & registry sources. I'll use the plugin & Pro license, but I'm sure some users will want to use the registry method.

Along the way, I've hit a few random biggie, but figured I'd ask if you have any advice:
  1. Do you (or will you in the future) support reading Fan RPM Speed from the Lian Li fan controllers? I don't see them listed.
  2. The Framerate from RTSS shows in HWiNFO, and I can read it in the SharedMemoryViewer & Rainmeter plugin.....but its not in the registry. I've enabled it for the gadget and it shows index 19, but the registry just skips from 17, 18, 20. No 19 in the registry at all.
  3. The "ValueRaw#" entries in the registry are REG_SZ, so Rainmeter sees them as strings not numbers. Seems Rainmeter would want a REG_DWORD ( I guess that's an int and you need a float/double. Dang Microsoft. I don't suppose this will change (would break the gadget I'm sure, prolly other stuff), but figured I'd mention. I have decimal place display issues now in the Rainmeter skin (plugin is fine as I can control the decimals to display, registry is wrong as its shows whatever precision you put in there). Is there a work-around without my needing to manipulate them in Rainmeter? I suppose not?
  4. I have a Corsair Commander Core XT controlling a XD5 pump/res, and ran into the issue at the bottom of the page here ( Is there any better work around? Right now I have to disable in Signal RGB (no LED control) or disable in HWiNFO (no water temp). ** If MSI had only put a temp connector on my mobo..... :(
  5. Can you set the scan interval at a sensor (or even entry) level? Ie, scan everything at 1000ms, but something else only every 30 seconds?
  6. I had an odd sensor listed for my mobo with only 2 values. The temp value was flopping from 0 to 140+ all over the place every poll. The one in the main mobo sensor was ok. I don't see it now, but did just update to 7.60. Was that a known fix, or should I keep an eye out for its return and get some logs for you?

The 2018-2023 Mustang Digital Dash Rainmeter skin I'm finishing up (it has 3 modes.....normal, sport+, track). And how it looks on my new custom PC build :cool:

Hi Nick,

here my answers straight:
1. Yes, we'd like to support this controller but have no information about its protocol and it seems no one else in the public has it.
2. FPS might appear there only once it starts to return valid data (i.e. you run a game)
3. Yes, REG_SZ is used to output a floating number. I believe Rainmeter should have some possibility to handle that.
4. Sorry, no workaround for that. Corsair doesn't cooperate with anyone and doesn't seem to like it when others access their devices. So have have 0 support with the to solve such issues.
5. This is currently not possible.
6. Most likely an invalid readout from an unused floating pin. Depends on exact mainboard mode and which one that was. If I know that, I can remove it from displaying.