Shared memory cannot be turned back on (free version) - file not found


I've been developing a Python app to read the shared memory interface. I used it for a long time yesterday, was successfully able to read it from my code repeatedly. Since then, 12 hours have lapsed, and when I try to run my script again, it cannot find the shared memory file.

Things that happened before the issue:
Laptop put to sleep a few times
HWiNFO gave a warning that shared memory interface was going to be closed and would have to be enabled manually.

What I've tried since:
Restarting HWiNFO and the laptop
Toggling the setting from General settings to enable shared memory

Attaching system report and debug log if that helps. Going to try reinstalling the app now.


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Ha, I just found out a consistent repro:

If you start up the application with both boxes unchecked (not sensors only mode, and not report only mode), the shared memory interface isn't being activated.
If you start with sensors only mode (what I was using all day yesterday), the shared memory interface IS activated.

What's weird is that you cannot access the setting to enable shared memory from the sensors-only UI, so after the 12 hours period lapses, you need to restart the app in general mode to re-enable, and then restart again in sensor only mode to actually use shared memory.
The Shared Memory setting value is preserved, so if it's disabled and the application closed, its value will be saved.
You can indeed reach the main settings from Sensors-only mode: right-click the HWiNFO icon in notification area (tray) and choose Settings.
Thanks for the tip re: system tray icon settings. I had been looking in the "sensors settings" page.

However, the original bug remains - even with the shared memory option checked, shared memory file is unavailable in the "full" UI. Only in the sensors-only UI is the shared memory feature available.
I did not - after launching it from the menu, the shared memory interface is indeed available. So I guess this isn't a bug as such. However it wasn't obvious to me that the sensors window in particular needs to be open. You could chalk it down to me not knowing all the parts of HWiNFO :rolleyes: but perhaps mention this requirement in the tooltip for the shared memory support checkbox in settings?
I thought this is obvious as sensors are monitored only when the sensors screen is open.
I guess if you have enough context about the program ;)

a. At launch, "sensors only" and "report only" are unchecked. It's natural to assume both are running in this case. E.g. I didn't assume that the sensors aren't being monitored just because the window isn't displayed.
b. The shared memory option is toggled from settings in the main window. It's not even accessible from the sensors windows (have to go to the system tray icon). So, it appears to be a feature of the main program.

In summary, it's not as obvious that you need to have the sensors window open for the shared memory interface to be available. Anyway, if you don't think any changes are required, that's fine - if anyone else stumbles into this, hopefully they'll find this thread :)