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I use aquasuite to display many of the values gathered by HWiNFO, and for the most part it works great.
There appears to be an error in that the 'units' under the system section, are not getting transferred to aquasuite, only the values make it.

I understand Shared Memory is a collaborative action between the two programs, and I was wondering if it could be determined where the mismatch is?



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HWiNFO is be passing the correct units, so I believe this is an issue of Aquasuite.
We experienced a similar issue with the 'other' system information gathering program I just moved from, in that some 'units' were not making it across the sharing function to aquasuite. Though there it was the WMI  protocol that was being implemented, the problem was basically the same... expectations did not match.

What I mean is, the info sent was valid, but did not exactly match what was expected by the receiving party, and was thus misinterpreted. If shared memory is somewhat similar to WMI in function if not implementation, then there is a structure for passing information... perhaps as simple as 'label', 'value' and 'unit'.

The issue may be the 'unit' descriptor as defined by the sender, not being what is expected by the receiver. I believe the structure is defined but not the content. I was directed to a utility called wmiexplorer.exe, which allowed me to view the content of the data in WMI, and found some areas where simple changes could be made to have expectation better match.

Let's say some would list voltage as V, amperage as A, Celsius as C, percent as P, etc., if both parties are not talking the same language, the process partially fails.

Are you aware if there is a utility available that would allow someone to view the content of the shared memory while it is being passed? It may help get everybody speaking the same language.

I know this is a wordy post, and I will never be a teacher, but hopefully I am getting the point across.
HWiNFO doesn't use WMI to pass data to other applications, it uses Shared Memory instead.
This interface is not only used by Aquasuite, but several others like HWiNFOMonitor, Rainmeter, etc. And all other extensions display the units properly, so I believe this is an issue of Aquasuite. Have you tried to contact them, they have a forum too and good support.
Yes, I am a member at the aquacomputer forum and agree that the reps and community are typically very responsive.
I opened a thread on the subject in the English forum at the same time as here, but so far have not received a reply from a rep.
I may try sending an email, they have always replied to emails so far.

The Shared Memory functionality of HWiNFO is one of the prime reasons I switched. I setup 2 gauges, one for WMI and one for Shared Memory, with both sources at 2 sec sampling, and the shared memory needle appeared much more responsive to me.

LOL, I still have 18 months left on my subscription to the 'other' program :)
I understand that you and aquacomputer have found a fix that will be included in aquasuite's next release... thank you very much :)