"Shared Memory Support" Setting becomes unchecked after a few hours.


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Hi , thanks for this amazing piece of software.

I'm using HWinfo64 V. 7.00-4400
Through Rainmeter 64bit
Along with ModernGadgets 1.7.0

Every works fine and dandy but when the system if left alone for many hours: when I come back, the GPU meter displays the error message as if HWinfo is no longer sharing memory. When I go to HWInfo settings, I find the 'Shared Memory Support' check box is unchecked. When I re-check the box, everything goes back to normal. This happens every time I leave the system for a few hours.

The HWiNFO64.INI file still has the following line: SensorsSM=1

Anyone have a clue why this is happening?



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There are dozens of threads about this on this forum. 1st read, then write


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Sorry, I meant to say: Limitations should be clearly described and indicated inside the software, as this looks like a bug.

Anyway thanks for your response and sorry for wasting your time. I did look for the answer by searching the term 'Shared memory support setting' As trying to find something this specific in a forum is near impossible and was looking for a bug solution, not a feature limitation list.