Shared Memory Support turning on by itself


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I have issue with HWiNFO64 (even with latest version 7.04). When HWiNFO is launched - option "Shared Memory Support" in "HWiNFO64 Settings" (tab "General / User Interface") is enabled even when it was not enabled last time. I tried disabling this option, reaunching HWiNFO64 and even when HWiNFO is ended with disabled "Shared Memory Support" on new launch this option is enabled again.

I also tried add "SensorsSM=0" into "HWiNFO64.INI" (under [Settings]) with same result, "Shared Memory Support" is enabled. I tried changing other options in this dialog and they persist.

With this issue I get periodic notification about Shared Memory usage expiration and it says I need to upgrade to paid version in order to use it. But I don't want Shared Memory. This is why I want to disable "Shared Memory Support" to supress this repeating notification.

Why is "Shared Memory Support" turning on by itself? Does other functionality of HWiNFO need "Shared Memory Support" and that's why it is enabled by itself? If true what other HWiNFO functionality does automatically enable "Shared Memory Support"?
How I can disable "Shared Memory Support" permanently?

Thank you for reply.
Are you perhaps using the Remote Sensor monitoring feature and have the local machine enabled as Server Role?
No, I meant the built-in Remote Sensor monitoring feature. Click the Network icon on bottom of the sensor window.
Yes! "Server Role" was enabled in "Remote Center" ("Two monitors" icon in "Sensors Status" window). I did disabled it. Now it seems like "Shared Memory Support" stays disabled. This solves my problem.

Thank you for very quick help! Also thank you for provding such good software.