Shared memory Viewer. New version not to be found


I am looking the main/official place where to download Shared Memory Viewer.
Unfortunatly here

.exe version is attached in the .rmskin version 3.2.0 - November 19, 2016

But I know from this skin author Pul53dr1v3r

that a most update version, of Shared Memory Viewer exists, as it is attached to that skin

SO I WONDER.... where can I download the official Nick Connors Shared Memory Viewer last version, and read the documentation/user manual ?

Furthermore I have noted that most of the link in this forum thar reference to rainmeter plungin are death links (like the ones in this page), so most of the old manuals of previous version do not exist anymore

Thanks for you help
What would be really helpful, would be downloadable config files for all CPUs and GPUs.
Even better would be automatic detection and download for them.