Show graph for Frames per second disappeared


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Hi Martin, 

I am experiencing if started PC and play games->  No  OSD for Frames per second on screen and OSD Settings cleared for it, although I already setup OSD for Frame per second before exiting hwinfo64 > shutdown and start PC > run riva + hwinfo64 +  game. 
HWinfo64 shows frame per second on windows sensor during game running but no OSD and OSD settings for it cleared, is this normal?.
Hi Martin,

Additional info:
1.Recently I built another PC with spec:
Ryzen 5 2400G
G*BYTE RX 570 8GB Gaming ver 1.1

2. I tested MSIAB, it  enables frame rate OSD each time I started my PC and then running game, while with the same steps HWinfo64 can show frame rate in Status Windows, but frame rate OSD disappeared.

I attached debug file of HWinfo64 when can show frame rate OSD in case you need more info.


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Some how after I reset HWINFO64, now OSD for frame rate can show after PC restart  :huh: 
I think problem solved for now.