Slot Implemented question...SSD speed


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I am trying to diagnose my slow SSD speeds in my new Lenovo Yoga 720 using the Samsung 960 Pro I installed.
I am getting random 4k write speeds in the 400's, while desktop users report in the 700s.
So, that is my goal.

Anyway, I do have the Samsung latest NVME driver 2.2.
The Yoga shipped with a Samsung PM961 drive, which is in the latest series.  So, its not like the Yoga is incompatible with the brand.

My BIOS is set to AHCI, not RAID.  I am able to use the Samsung Magician software, so it does see the drive.

HWINFO64 view of Samsung NVME controller

SO here is what I have.  I have shown Gen 3, 4 lanes, which is desired.
I'm just trying to cover all bases and see if the Slot Implemented "No" could have any bearing on my issue.

Thanks..Id say Im pulling my hair out, but thats been gone for years :D