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I toughth it would be nice to have it in a corner...

Although the gadget itself it really small .. that would be a bonus ( I suppose)

Problem arrise when trying to set it up !!!   on the setting windows !!! it's not re-sizable !!!  
Everything in there is superposed and  un-readable.

Is there a way to make it a little bigger so I'm be able to manage it ?


Attached a snipet .. click on it - you'll see the real dimensions on my 55" 4k screen


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That looks like an issue with DPI scaling. I think the HWiNFOMonitor author is already working on this.
Hi. Can you try the fix mentioned here?

  • Some gadgets look very tiny, especially on screens with high resolutions. Can they be made bigger?
    Most gadgets that are included with 8GadgetPack should not have this issue (because I adjusted them). Some gadgets however do not automatically scale with the DPI settings, which makes them to appear very small on certain monitors. You can try to fix those gadgets yourself if you know JavaScript (google for <autoscaleDPI>true</autoscaleDPI> and look into the code of gadgets that support high dpi). In case all gadgets appear to be small you can try to configure a custom scaling by using the registry files found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Sidebar\8GadgetPack".
This is the only setting available in the gadget. Otherwise display is completely controlled by the gadget engine, not the gadget itself.

Let me know how you make out. Or if you need help testing this. Thanks.
[*]Some gadgets look very tiny,

No, all gadget are quite normal, only HW64Monitor seems to be out of tune :-(

I try to post a pic

As you saw in the original snippet on top of this thread.. it does not scale correctly.

I re-downloaded it ..
... and now it doesn't start correctly (solved - silly  of me)  . but no Settings option.

This snippets are taken at 1080p.

....the second one, with "make it larger" "enable sidebar" enabled.



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There are 2 gadgets available on the addons page. One 3rd party (HWiNFOMonitor) which you mentioned in the initial post. These last pics look like the native one. Which one do you plan on using?

Interesting... I updated recently 8Gadget and none was available....
... so I googled and downloaded this one... not aware there were two .
I check and answer


Checked - > they were side by side :)

Yes I prefer the first I posted - the long one :)

When I will have my gtx1080 back from RMA, I will be able to check it again at 4K.



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Hi All,

Love the gadget. Just to echo the issue raised by the OP: on a 4K display, editing the settings of the gadget is really hard, which I understand is due to lack of DPI awareness of the code. Also, it would be great if gadget itself had at least 3 size options: small, large and x-large or even a freehand resizing like many other gadgets :)

My two cents,
An update:

Now I have issues not only related to the Info gadget I earlier mentioned.

With W10 1903  and one monitor 4k the other 1080p ...
I get scaling something hilarious.

While it's working fine on the 1080p 32"  ... on the 4k 55"  the results are completely deformed.....
Sometime only when you touch them !!!

The clock behavior and some others are instead garbled from the beginning.

To be able to have them with a realistic size I changed DPI settings in "properties" of 8gadget using explorer.
That make difficult to click on them.... not being sure what or where your click land.



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