Small suggestion/request


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Hi, this software is great but I do have one suggestion. I have this set up to auto-start and run in sensors-only mode with the welcome screen disabled, and "minimize sensors instead of closing". Works just fine but it means if I ever want to open the main window I have to:

  1. Open settings from the tray icon and check "Show welcome screen and progress", click ok
  2. Exit the program
  3. Run the program again
  4. Uncheck "sensors only", click run
  5. Do whatever I wanted in the main window window
  6. Exit the program
  7. Run the program again
  8. Check "sensors only"
  9. Enter settings and uncheck "Show welcome screen and progress", click ok
  10. Click run
That's a lot of steps just to check something in the summary screen. It would be fantastic if I could instead open the summary from the tray icon, and then close it when finished.

If you're wondering why I don't just uncheck sensors-only mode, it's because it gets a bit clunky. Then every time I double click the tray icon, the main window appears even if I never opened it, and it's stuck behind the sensors and inaccessible. And if you try to close the sensors window the main window closes (minimizes) as well. It's not the end of the world but I always end up opening and closing things that I don't mean to.

Maybe if I could just configure the default action when double clicking the tray icon, to change it from "show all" to open sensors, this would probably do the trick. Either that or add the main window as an item in the tray icon context menu when in sensors only mode.
You don't have to perform so many steps. Just right-click the tray icon, choose Settings and adjust them at once.
The "sensor only" option appears only on the welcome screen, which can only be accessed by restarting the program after enabling it in the settings. It's the only way to get the main windows from sensors only mode AFAIK

With all due respect unless I'm missing something you are wrong, all the steps are necessary to get from "sensors only + no welcome screen" to the main window and then back to "sensors only + no welcome screen"