SMART info missing with new PC build


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I recently built a new PC and in doing moved 1 SSD from the old PC. Using the exact same installer for HWinfo on both PCs the SMART info was visible on the old PC (so I know the drive can display it) but not on the new PC. New hard drives were installed as well on the new build. And I did try updating to the newest fresh install of HWinfo. But all SMART info is missing still. New PC is x570 Aorus Master, Ryzen 5000, with sabrent and samsung drives. I do have 1 HDD cached with an SSD (storemi), but my other 3 drives are just running on their own - no RAID or special setups. CrystalDiskInfo also shows NO DRIVES DETECTED?! I cant figure it out. All drives are functioning normal - detected even in HWinfo - but all the SMART info is completely missing. No Intel RSC or optane is being used. I tried methods like resetting preferences and restore original order in the sensors tab. All chipset, BIOS, windows, ect ect drivers have been completely updated to the latest version. BOOT drive and windows install was on a brand new drive - so no funky old install or files would have mixed up my windows install. Im not sure whats going on. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you! Debug and System Info attached. Also to be more specific the SMART drive temperature is what Im trying to view.


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This is because of the AMD storage driver, it doesn't support any standard queries to return the information. And in latest driver versions it's even worse.
I don't know why AMD did this and why they refuse to provide standard interfaces. Perhaps changing the driver to a Standard SATA/AHCI might help.
Thats so lame. ACHI was an option in BIOS under SATA and NVME and was set. And I was also using StoreMI on my last system (which was x470 ryzen). I guess its time to see what kind of cookie cutter copy/paste reply i get from Gigabyte and AMD. Also Temps weren't working either even before StoreMI was installed. Wow, thanks AMD. Appreciate the reply. And a genuine thank you for the reply.