SMART not showing


I may have posted this in the wrong place earlier today - so resubmitting here.

Just installed a Samsung T7 external SSD for backups via USB 3.2 Gen 2 C port. The drive activity shows in the sensors, but the SMART values do not appear. All other drives show both and that includes internal SSDs and SSHDs and another external HD.

I have tried everything, but cannot get the info to show. Did I miss something? Can someone help?
This is most likely because the drive is using an USB-ATA controller that's not supported by HWiNFO to query detailed drive information.
I suspected that might be the case. It is listed in your app under SATA drives and it is in Device Manager storage controllers as a UASP mass storage device. The connection I have gives me the best read/write speed for it and it is blazing fast, so I guess the inconvenience of not seeing the SMART info is no big deal. I can actually see the temp in Samsung's Magician app and I can see the lifetime total reads and writes in CrystalDiskInfo. It would have been better to be able to view it together with the others drives in your app, but at least can see what I want elsewhere.

Since the drive is a SMART drive maybe that is something you can add in the future since there are now a lot of the portable SSDs and other portable drives that are SMART drives that can use the newer high speed USB C and Thunderbolt ports.

Thanks! I appreciate your quick response.
I saw where to start it and here it is. Hope it has what you need. I let it run a few minutes before stopping it so, but it was too large to upload, so I restarted it for a few seconds only and then stopped it


Thanks, but I need a Debug File from the start (including HWiNFO initial scan). No need to let it run for longer time. If the file is too big, please compress it using ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc. before attaching.
OK I hope this one is ok. I turned on debug, closed the app, restarted it and then turned the debug off and then compressed the debug file