So what is the concensus on EC support setting these days?


So what is the concensus on EC support these days? Particularly with Asus Z590 chipset.

Do you guys enable "EC Support" in HWinfo64 settings?
And have any of you had to disable EC support cause of instabilities, stutters or any other issues?

Also what about the "Enable PCH thermal device"? My Asus M13HERO seems to report PCH temps ok with it disabled, any benefit or reason I should enable it?
I'm not aware of any issues with EC on Z590 series as long as you don't use some other tools like ASUS AI Suite.
If you're getting PCH temperatures without issues, you don't need to worry about the "Enable PCH thermal device" setting.
Thanks for your reply! Yes of course I am using AISUITEIII. I know alot of people complain about aisuiteIII but most of the bugs/issues have all been worked out & one of the reasons I buy asus motherboards instead of like EVGA for example is because they dont offer fan support software & asus fan software is excellent.

So I assume you are referring to the same issues others talk about when running multiple softwares (that access on board sensors) at the same time as one another?

I mean I usually keep hwinfo64 open on a 2nd monitor 24/7 while AISUITEIII is minimized to the task bar without any issues, well that is with EC support disabled which brings me back to the point of this thread.