Socket 2 Processor Status: Disabled by User on R720XD Dell server


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I am observing a strange value reported on my R720XD Dell server, where the second CPU is reported as Processor Status: Disabled by User, with the CPU status: Idle, as shown below.

The OS uses the CPU all right, CPU is enabled in the BIOS (no option to disable it, honestly, as far as I can tell), and all 10 cores on Socket 2 are accessible to OS and operating just fine. Is there any way to understand what is causing such a readout? Socket 1 is reporting correctly with no issues

I checked different versions of HWInfo all the way back to early 6xxx and the readout is still there.
This seems to be a bug in HWiNFO improperly reporting the state as disabled. It will be fixed in the next build.
So please ignore the "Processor Status:" value.
I checked HWiNFO v7.36 and the issue seems to persist but at least it does no longer say it was "disabled by user"

So it the socket is active (cores are operational), would that imply some sort of a BIOS bug / misrepresentation? These are 2 ten core CPUs, and all 20 cores are showing activity, which is especially visible when loading the system. And to be clear, I am not questioning the results, just trying to understand what the Idle status means in here. If it is indeed a BIOS problem, I can try to downgrade and see if it persists.

It's SMBIOS DMI - which is static data and not always accurate. It depends on how well the BIOS populates this information and it doesn't update it during runtime. So I wouldn't worry about this.
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